Oracle 12c new feature: Temporary undo

This is quick blog to demostrate the tiny new feature in 12C: temporary undo. Temporary undo is introdued in 12 and well documented.

By default, undo records for temporary tables are stored in the undo tablespace and are logged in the redo, which is the same way undo is managed for persistent tables. However, you can use the TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED initialization parameter to separate undo for temporary tables from undo for persistent tables. When this parameter is set to TRUE, the undo for temporary tables is called temporary undo.

Temporary undo is controlled by The Parameter TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED. With TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED enable, significantly less Redo is only generated for the very first DML(insert/update/delete) on the global temporary table, there is no redo for the following DML on the temporary tables within the same transaction totally. This may be a great benifit for the ETL processes, which take temporary table as the staging table, load the huge data into temporary table for heavy process before move the data into the final fact table. With less redo, both the sql performance on global temporary table and system loading may be improved a lot.

Perform the same insert/update/delete on the same global temporary table(see the script below), from below session statistics comparision, we can see: 1) With TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED disabled, the total redo size for the insert/update/delete is 4MB, while enabled, only 280 bytes redo size for the first insert statment, and the following update and delete produce zero redo; 2) With TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED disable, The temporary space requirement is 2MB, while enabled, it’s 7MB.

Here is the script for the demo:

1. Prepare the table.

drop table t1 purge;
create global temporary table t1
  id number,
  padding varchar2(100)
on commit preserve rows;

2. Run insert/update/delete statement with TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED disabled and enabled.

alter session set temp_undo_enabled = FALSE;
--alter session set temp_undo_enabled = TRUE;
show parameter temp_undo_enabled;

exec snap_stats.start_snap;
insert into t1 select rownum, lpad(rownum, 100, ' ') from dual connect by level exec snap_stats.end_snap;
select count(*) from t1;

exec snap_stats.start_snap;
update t1 set padding = padding;
exec snap_stats.end_snap;

exec snap_stats.start_snap;
delete from t1;
exec snap_stats.end_snap;

P.S. The TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED can’t be changed dynamically within a session: “When a session uses temporary objects for the first time, the current value of the TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED initialization parameter is set for the rest of the session.”


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